Welcome and thank you for visiting my site.

I come from Olomouc and before I settled in Ostrava (North East of Czech republic), I did a bit of traveling around the world. Two years in Devon, England and ten years in a small town in British Columbia, Canada.

I have been painting in various forms since I came to Canada. Most likely because all the beauty had to be captured somehow. Also, I had enough wildlife around the house, so it is no wonder that for a time it became the subject of my work. Inspiration has taken me to all sorts of subject matter over the years, but in the end I stuck with panting landscape, as can be captured on the day and its conditions on the spot. There is a certain liveliness in it.

Plein air or field painting is a kind of adrenaline sport where I have about an hour or two to capture what is in front of me, the subject I chose. It can be compared to juggling about ten plates on high sticks. When one stops spinning, it falls. Similarly, many decisions come into the painting with each brushstroke, and weather conditions, animals, passers-by, etc. also contribute to this adrenaline.

In the gallery of my paintings you can find both paintings in the field and those created in the studio. These were preceded by an on-location sketch or a photo or both. In the studio it is possible to translate the theme to a larger format.

Several times I was asked for a custom painting. I do not deal with it primarily, but I do not resist it. If you are interested in painting a certain place, house or portrait of a close person or pet, do not hesitate to contact me. Just fill in the contact form, which you can find in the menu of this page.

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